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Our competencies remain at work for our clients until the disbursement of the funds.

Partner with Ohana Capital.

about us

OHANA CAPITAL is a transaction advisory services firm specializing in corporate finance.

We are experts in raising various types of capital for businesses since our founding in 2009.

Every company has specific financing requirements.

OHANA CAPITAL has the expertise, experience, industry contacts and structuring capabilities to help its clients secure the financing required.

For most entrepreneurs, their business is their most important asset. “Being as strong as your weakest link” isn’t just a saying. Don’t let your financing needs in the hands of non-experts. Our consultants have over 25 years of commercial banking experience.

Please contact us for an evaluation of your financing project at no cost or commitment.

our process

  1. Initial client meeting consisting of information gathering and analysis.
  2. Our due diligence were we will examine all the information received and contact potential lenders.
  3. Further documentation will often be required to better determine our ability to fulfill the financing mandate.
  4. Signature of a mandate agreement containing the general terms and conditions related to the financing requested by our client.
  5. Meetings & negotiations with potential lenders.
  6. Presentation of term sheet(s) and/or financing offer(s) to our client as well as our recommendations as to which proposition is best suited for our client.
  7. Continuing assistance is provided to both the lender and our client in order to facilitate and expedite the closing process and complete the disbursement of the funds.