What differentiates us from other corporate finance advisory services firm?

  • We are former bankers by training, having worked many years in the field of commercial banking with chartered banks and other major financial institutions.
  • Our training as commercial bankers gives us a major advantage because of:
    1. Our ability to put together a complete financing file and structure the best financing package both for our client and the lender;
    2. Our privileged relationships;
    3. Our in-depth knowledge of the different financing products and sources of funding across Canada and the USA;
    4. Our in-depth knowledge of the authorization process with lenders;
    5. Our knowledge of the various pre-requisites and characteristics of each financing product with each lender.
  • We don’t pretend to be experts in many things. All we do is secure financing for businesses and we’re pretty good at it.

When is it a good time to call us?

  • When sales growth is anticipated in your business;
  • When you are looking to buy or lease equipment;
  • When a change in your company’s business model is expected;
  • When your company is experiencing operating losses;
  • When your company is having cash flow problems;
  • When you feel being treated unfairly by one of your lenders;
  • When you feel the need to talk about the financing needs of your business.

What is the minimum & maximum amount of the financing mandates we will look at?

  • Typically our financing mandates are for amounts greater than $100,000.
  • We have NO limits. Our experience and industry contacts also enable us to complete corporate lending sized financing mandates. (+$15,000,000)

What are the documents we typically require to perform a preliminary analysis of your financing project?

  • Last 4 year annual financial statements;
  • Most recent interim in-house financial statements;
  • Latest aged accounts receivables, accounts payables and inventory listings;
  • Personal balance sheet including proof of assets of each shareholder;
  • Organizational and corporate charts;
  • Financial projections, business plan and/or company brochure if available.

To which industries do we service to?

  • We have the experience and industry contacts to advise businesses from most sectors. Our client base includes companies in the manufacturing, distributing, wholesale, service, retail, health/medical, transport, pharmaceutical, technology, construction, agricultural, food & beverage and textile/apparel sectors.
  • Note that certain industries considered more restrictive by lenders will be considered on a case per case basis.

Do we have any restrictions as per the location / geographical area of the businesses involved in our mandates?

  • Most of our mandates are with corporations located within the province of Quebec.
  • We will gladly consider an opportunity outside of the province of Quebec or in the USA.
  • Our decision to take or not such a mandate will be based on the viability of the mandate itself and our potential value-added in the mandate as well.

Can we guarantee to our clients that the financing will be secured?

  • No, we can’t & will never guarantee that the loan will be obtained as the final approval is out of our control.
  • Nevertheless, we only take Mandates that we believe to have excellent chances of closing.
  • We do however guarantee our clients that we are the best consultants qualified to obtain the financing required.